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4th Option for 6th Head Authority
August 7, 2016, 10:35 pm
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I’ve spent a lot of time spinning my wheels around the idea of “metalanguage” and of “frames.” I think I’m beginning to tie together some fairly discrete ideas, ranging from “Look Beyond the Bread You Eat,” to C S Lewis’ ideas about enjoyment vs contemplation, to Kierkegaard’s ideas about Reflection and my early fascination with mirrors reflecting mirrors, not to mention logotherapy and Frankl’s solution to horror by “looking beyond” the immediate pain. And didn’t the writer of Hebrews exhort us to be like Jesus and keep our eyes on the Prize?

Noble Subjects

We had a website for a while which was designed by someone who was, um….well…let’s just say inappropriate.  Yes.  That is a good word.  Inappropriate.  The aforementioned individual did not walk very far with us for fairly obvious reasons.  It ended up as a garden variety win/lose situation because the guilty party got to walk away from the mess, and we had to own a mess that never should have happened.

After he left, a situation arose which required some changes to that website.  The immediate problem was that we needed to  know HTML in order to make the changes and no one in the house had that skill. 

However, we do have a highly atypical gift of Mercy in-house, named Megan.  Somehow when her original software was developed, it came without the normal safety-oriented, risk averse app which we thought was standard issue for all Mercy gift people.


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