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Advent or Christmas or Ephiphany Cactus
December 25, 2013, 7:30 pm
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About seven years ago I inherited a Christmas cactus–ginormous, about three feet in diameter till I chopped it down. It would not bloom, so I distressed it:–stuck it outside in the western, summer sun and wintered it in a large living room window in the winter, exposed to those nasty winter drafts. For a number of years it bloomed from November to April, with most of the blooms at about Christmas and Easter.

However, this year it started to bloom before the first week of Advent, but all the blooms were finished by Christmas Day, December 25. There are lots of buds and I expect another round of full blooms by about…January 6–just in time for Orthodox Christmas or western Epiphany. So, do I have an Eastern rite Christmas cactus?